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palatianos.gr » Fundamentals of Construction

Fundamentals of Construction

Essential Construction Principles

For every building, the design principles of the corresponding building license are executed precisely and for this reason every new construction is in line with the new building regulations and the new anti-seismic regulations (EAK 2000). Also, all the electrical installations are performed according to the European model HD 384 and as a result of that, in our new buildings we apply the “foundation grounding” independently of the size and the volume of the structure. As far as the natural gas is concerned, the design and installation is based on FEK 963 / 12-7-2003, and therefore owners have the ability to instantly supply their apartments with natural gas, as soon as the mains are activated. Finally, the electromechanical equipment and materials used are certified by the national and international quality standards (ISO, C.E., e.t.c.)
The depth of the excavation depends on whether the building has a basement and also where solid secure ground is found. The excavated area is leveled by concrete so that foundation moldings can be easily placed and the concrete steel reinforcements cannot be corroded. The building foundations are constructed, according to the static design of the building license, using reinforced concrete of high quality. Moreover, since our first construction, we use approved liquid assets in the concrete during construction. In order to monitor the quality of the concrete, specimens are taken by our mechanics.
Pillars, beams and stair well are constructed according to the approved building license. After moldings are created heat insulation is being placed were needed in order to minimize the heat losses of the apartments.
Brickwork is made out of high quality products. The outer walls are made of double brick with intermediate insulation while enforced by two rows of steel reinforced concrete, one below the window and one row above the window/door. The internal walls are made out of single brick with one or two rows of steel reinforced concrete depending on the height of the wall.
The internal and external walls of the building are painted by highly qualified personnel by products of well known companies. There is a huge variety of colors, so that customers can fulfill their desires.
In every building we create designated areas where owners have the ability to plant small size trees and flowers of their desire. The floor of the pilotis is filled with concrete and then is stamped instead of using tiles. The size and the shape of the stamp varies from building to building. Finally, the color of the stamp is chosen so that it matches to the outer color of the building.


Our Constructions are Well Known for:
• Detailed appliance of the new anti-seismic regulations
• Greek origin of the steel reinforcements
• Supervision during all construction phases by the qualified mechanic
• Foundation grounding
• Deflector below steels in order to protect them against corrosion
• Liquid assets into concrete aiming to increase the durability of the concrete
• Heat insulation on the external brickwork.
• Application of heat insulation throughout the whole building. On the roof we apply the inverted insulation by using DOW insulators and asphalt carpet. We use the best guaranteed products of the market.
• For the best performance of the plaster on the outer walls, we use LATEX SIKA.
• Sewerage using heavy duty plastic pipes
• Water supply using copper coated TALOS ECUTHERM pipes
• Autonomy central heating including installation for triple energy solar heaters, with two independent thermostats, one for heating and one for producing hot water.
• Natural gas installation
• Autonomy conventional TV. in every room
• Autonomy satellite TV. in the living room
• Aluminum external doors and windows, fitted with sieves
• Double glasses
• Sanitary articles, floor and bathroom tiles of excellent quality – cooperation with the finest brands of the market.
• Tap and water-proof socket on every balcony
• Italian made kitchen cupboards
• Every warehouse has its own light and socket, and is being powered by apartment’s switchboard and not from the common switchboard.
• Comfortable and secured parking lots
• We accept in our buildings any kind of check up from the mechanic of your desire.


About Us Services Fundamentals of Construction News
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